August 29, 2003

Topless DJ Portia Surreal

Portia Surrealdaily_trixxsterBIRDMAN-WEB
by CAB at 03/08/29 01:03
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I actually knew that girl, I'm not sure if she's good, cuz I never even got to here her, but she's sweet though. She does have a huge vynil collection she bought mostly for Eric from working as a stripper, nothing against strippers, I actually LOVE strippers. I always did like her music taste though. And she is SUPER erotic.

by noumenal world on 04/09/29 08:12

Jeff Scott must be a homo... and feel envyous about Portia... hahaha... He may have seen better things then her, but, hey, who cares? The girl is soooo fine...

by Daniel on 04/08/06 03:36

つか、その店教えてよ :P

by cab on 04/04/29 13:26

I've seen better bodies and nicer faces at strip clubs. Usually better mixing, too.

by Jeff Scott on 04/04/29 13:15

Please do not write vulgar comment ;-(

by cab on 04/02/04 11:07

Portia is the most unique woman I have seen....she makes any model look like nothin ...

by Randall on 04/01/06 08:52
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