March 12, 2008

Omusubi Engine Project in Burning man 2007

昨年のバーニングマンで、僕も参加させてもらった日本風味のアートカーを作るぞっていうプロジェクト「Omusubi Engine」のドキュメンタリー風ビデオが知らぬ間に出来上がってました。(いやー、完全に気付いてませんでした)昨年はNY在住だったソウくんが編集したものだそうです。

Japanese burner made the "Omusubi Engine" Mutant vehicle in burningman 2007.
It was not so easy to bring a mutant vehicle (art car) for Japanese burner, because we don't have a work space to prepare and don't have much time for work in U.S.
But in last year (2007), We made 1st Japan style Mutant vehicle by collaboration of Japanese and Americans living in LA and Japanese living in Japan.
I also joined in this project, ya :)


by CAB at 08/03/12 02:23
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